Integrated building management systems & Energy Saving

Premier Electrical services Ltd at the forefront of electrical installations incorporating the latest green technology.

The focus on sustainability in the recent months from Government, through the legally binding commitment to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050 through the Climate Change Act, shows just how important this is.

Taking action on climate change delivers energy cost reductions. A structured approach to upgrading operations equipment can save you a surprising amount on your energy bill. The implementation of lower carbon products and services will enhance your reputation amongst your employees, your clients and the community at large

We are able to provide you with information on the new technologies and cost effectiveness for:

  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Lighting controls
  • PIRs
  • Daylight sensors
  • Programmable luminaires
  • Low maintenance lamp and tube replacement

Introducing the latest technology luminaires into new or existing buildings, ie LED, intelligent programmable ensures a significant reduction in energy bills and reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Our expertise and knowledge gained over many years, means we can provide the right solution for your lighting requirements.